Estella® Crystals - Product Range

estella crystal product range for sale - great alternative to swarovski crystals and preciosa crystals


The Estella® crystals range was launched in January 2021 by the team at Bluestreak Crystals, but the journey started in 2020 with sourcing and development of this new brand of crystals. Estella® crystals are precision cut glass crystals providing excellent levels of sparkle and brilliance at an affordable price.


Estella® Bicone Beads are perfect for creating stunning designs and jewellery pieces. Estella® Bicone Beads are available in a wide range of 3 sizes and 18 colours.


Estella® Enchanted consists of tiny double pointed cut crystals that give your nails a super sparkly finish. Available in five different eye-catching colours, these micro crystals can also can be used for decorating mobile phone cases, crafting, clothes and shoes. Estella® Enchanted crystals come in a beautiful bottle, with each bottle containing 5g of crystals.


Estella® Crystals are high quality cut glass crystals which offer brilliance and sparkle. Estella® Flatback Crystals (Hotfix) are loose crystals with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat-sensitive glue. Hotfix crystals can easily be applied with heat using either with an iron (steam turned off) or a hotfix applicator. Perfect for embellishing textile materials for a durable and long-lasting effect. Available in an extensive range of 58 colours.


Estella® Crystals are high quality cut glass crystals which offer excellent levels of brilliance and sparkle. Estella® Flatback Crystals (Non Hotfix) are loose crystals with a flat back, which are easy to apply to various surface materials using one or two-component glues. Available in an extensive range of 11 sizes, 82 colours and 22 shapes. 


Estella® Crystal Pearls are similar to genuine pearls and are made with a special coating that provide a beautiful smooth surface. Estella® Pearls are manufactured with a good weight, perfect for creating high quality jewellery.


Estella® Crystal Pendants are available in a wide range of colours and four beautiful shapes; Heart, Pear, Rivoli and Teardrop. Estella® Pendants are perfect for creating beautiful jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more information about Estella® Crystals, please contact our customer service team here.