Estella® Crystals - About Us

Bluestreak crystals HQ


We sell high quality, but affordable, crystals through wholesalers and suppliers across the world - delivering sparkle right to your door.

Our crystals can be used on a range of different items for different uses, ranging from nails to clothes and accessories, almost anything your heart desires these crystals can do for you.

We are devoted to bringing you top of the range crystals and are in the process of developing more colours, shapes, sizes and different types you can buy from us.


We put our customers first ensuring the quality of our crystals is delivered in every purchase you make through one of our official wholesalers and suppliers, meaning you will never be disappointed!


Estella® is a new crystal brand which was created by the team over at Bluestreak Crystals. Who are they? 

Bluestreak Crystals® is a company who have been in the crystals business since 2015. Bluestreak Crystals has grown fast over the years and is now the largest supplier of high quality crystals worldwide. Bluestreak Crystals are also a certified Swarovski Authorised Wholesaler as well as a Preciosa Platinum Partner - so they know their stuff when it comes to crystals!